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Pneumatic Actuator


pneumatic actuator

Construction of Pneumatic Actuator

 ● Extruded aluminum ASTM6005 body with bath internal and external corrosion protection having honed cylinder surface for longer life and low coefficient of friction.
● Dual piston rack and pinion design for compact construction, symmetric mounting position, high-cycle fife and fast operation, reverse rotation can be accomplished in the field by simply inverting the pistons.
 ● Multiple bearings and guides on racks and pistons, low friction, high cycle life and prevent shaft blowout.
● Modular preloaded spring cartridge design, with coatedspring for simple versatile range, greater safely and corrosion resistance, longer cycle life.
● Fully machined teeth on piston and pinion for accurate low backlash rack and pinion   engagement, maximum efficlency. Stalnless steel fasteners for long term corroslon resistance

● Full conformance to the latest specifications: IS05211,DIN 3337 and Namur or product inter changeahility and easy mounting of solenoids, limit switches and other aocessodes.


Operating conditions:
Operating media-------------- Dry or lubricated air,the non-corrosive gases or oil
Rotation angle----------------- 90℃(±4)
Air Supply Pressure --------- 2 ~ 8 Bar (30~115PSIG)


Temperature Range:
Standard version ---------------- -20℃ ~ 80℃
Low Temperature version ---- -40℃ ~ 80℃
High Temperature version---- -20℃ ~ 150℃

Lubrication:Under nomal operating condition,need not accrete lubticant

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