Subject:How to choose the two way valve?

How to choose the two way valve?

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How to choose the two way valve?


When you choose the two way solenoid valve, there are four principles for your reference:


1. First and most import one is "applicability"

    *The medium in the system should be applicable for the valve's requirement.

    *The medium in the system should be lower than the valve's requirement.

    *The operation fluid viscosity should be loewr than 20CST, if you need larger than 20CST, should be marked on the valve.

    *The medium should be clean, if not, should plus a filter in the valve.

    *Notify the size and the orifice, choose the same size as  your requirement.

    *Notify the voltage,  voltage in this -+10% is no problem.

2. The second  is "credibility"

    *There are two type two way solenoid valves, Normal Open and Normal Close. Choose the right one you need.

    *Choose the valve which have done biometry.

3.  The third is "security"

    *If high causticity liquid, should choose the SS304 or SS316 or SS316L body;

    *If high exploder fluid, should choose the anti-explosion models.

4. The forth is "economic"

    *After these three principles, choose the mose exonomic models.


That is all my suggestion.




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