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R-50 Series Roller Vibrator

Model: R-50



 This small pneumatic vibrator design is simple,but still gives a strong centrifugalforce.Body made from an extruded aluminum,refined steel roll in which the scrolling.This steel roller by the two special high-impact plastic cover positioning.The housing hastwo horizontal and two vertical holes,making installation easy.Air into two mutuallyperpendicular intake of an entry.The two air intakes for the standard pipe thread.Is nota block intake,supplied with a pipe plug.



R series pneumatic roller of high frequency vibrator is suitable for the vibration of liquid powder, filling and handling purposes. Because it is a gas transmission, so the vibration frequency to adjust the pressure to achieve control. Mainly used for: Hopper discharge is phlogistic, stir - powder material conveying powder, the mold plastic and compaction of concrete.







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