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CJ2B pneumatic cylinder (air cylinder)

Model: CJ2B Pneumatic Cylinder (Air Cylinder)

CJ2B pneumatic Cylinder (Air Cylinder)

CJ2B series mini pneumatic cylinder (air cylinder)


CJ2B series mini pneumatic cylinders (air cylinder) are manufactured according to Asian standard, with bore size from 6mm to 40mm.

We manufacture most part of the cylinder by ourselves, from die-casting, machining to assembling for better quality control. This kind of mini pneumatic cylinder (air cylinder) is completely finished by our CNC machine from Japan, except the assembling. We can change this style of mini cylinder to different appearance pneumatic cylinder as customers want.

Features for CJ2B pneumatic cylinders:

*Similar SMC CJ2B cylinders' appearance

*SJ type from 6mm to 16mm, SM type from 20mm to 40mm

*Aluminum cylinder end cover, stainless steel cylinder barrel

*With self-lubricating bearing, the piston rod is lubrication free.

*Magnet is optional.

Specification for CJ2B pneumatic cylinder:

Cylinder Diameter (mm)         20                   25                   32                    40      
Fluid Air
Acting Mode Double acting          Single acting
Pressure 0.1Mpa to 1.0Mpa
Temperature 0 to 80 degree

Covers: Aluminium

Cylinder body: Stainless steel

Piston rod: Carton Steel

Seal: polyurethane

Cushion Adjustable cushion
Speed Min:10mm/s      Max:1000mm/s


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